A Man Will Coordinate the UWS Blog. Surprised?

This guy, for one, finds it powerful and brilliant (for the record, it was the ladies’ idea, not mine). 

Welcome to the Formal UWS Blog Launch.  As coordinator, to help you catch the vision I’d like to share with you a few reasons I feel passionate about the UWS cause and mission, why they’re so important to promote, and why I will strive to make the content empowering and unique- worth your time to consume.

To introduce myself, my name is Todd Lamoreaux and my story is I’ve spent my career in sales and sales related functions including door-knocking, cold-calling, closing, training, and coaching.  I see my own self-appointed mission as helping salespeople the way I would like to be helped in identifying and maximizing sales opportunities through teaching a principled sales approach (a way to give back, if you will).  It may sound unusual, but this self-appointed mission comes from my observation that salespeople are often exploited due to lack of a principled sales approach on their part and on the part of their employers.  They both needlessly suffer as a result.

My personal tie to the cause of promoting women in sales (in Utah and in general) is this: I sold door-to-door with my amazing wife almost daily throughout college.  She consistently clobbered me in attainment, and it was obvious to me the advantage her natural gifts of reading and understanding people in all situations gave her, and what I had to learn.  Developing my emotional intelligence and skill set through observing her, the help of mentors, and my own study has helped me immensely in sales and all other aspects of life- she has helped and inspired me to reach heights I believe I wouldn’t have otherwise reached.

When I joined the corporate tech sales world in 2007, I was shocked by the low number of women in the profession, and not just in Utah.  It wasn’t just by the obvious male-tilted landscape compared to other internal departments, but from clearly having seen first-hand the potential women have in sales.  I know saleswomen aren’t necessarily underrepresented in every industry, but where it happens I believe I understand how it feels (to a very limited degree that is, just because I’ve felt alienated due to my “different” approach) and why.  I believe why has much to do with unhealthy “bro” cultures where sales teams are largely based and built on personal relationships and natural tendency to seek similarity in hiring and promotion vs principled qualifications, a big part of what I’m personally trying to help eliminate.  The Utah Women in Sales concept and mission therefore resonate strongly with me and I feel like a strong natural advocate for this largely-underrepresented yet extremely-valuable group (literally).

Which leads to the power and brilliance on the part of the UWS leaders of having a male voice advocate for them.  Here’s the UWS mission statement for context: “Utah Women in Sales helps individuals become more innovative, ambitious and well-connected.  We provide a collaborative community where you will be educated, empowered, and supported.”  Reading between the lines and through their actions the UWS leaders are doing something rare and noteworthy: showing they’re strong enough in their collective belief in the proven principles of group success (participation based on desire, ambition, innovation, empowerment through education, connection, collaboration, etc.) to the point they’re comfortable with a member of the group primarily responsible for their oppression (knowingly and not) advocating on their behalf.  They see all ships will be raised by supporting women while encouraging men to advocate for them, and I’d be surprised if you don’t agree with my belief that a cause really benefiting everyone short and long-term is rare and disproportionally worthy of promotion.

Regarding the content, considering the worthiness of the cause and mission, the ladies and I feel it critical to make the blog a resource you will consider a cornerstone of your sales career.  There’s obviously a lot of sales-related content out there, much of it helpful, so we recognize to create value and stand out we must go one step further.  We will do so by highlighting information often missed, related to the overall idea and mission, yet required for maximum sales success.  Specifically, we’ll cover the hidden gems in topics ranging from Individual and Group Psychology to The Rules & Expectations of Business across all sales functions, internal and external to a company.  At the deepest level we’ll explore the strengths required for maximum sales success women naturally possess, e.g. emotional intelligence, desire for excellence, desire for genuine relationships, etc. (often hidden, almost always undervalued, yet equally important for men).  We’ll invite women and men in sales and business to share their thoughts and experiences.  The natural, complimentary title and subtitle we’ve chosen is “Perceptive.Powerful.Savvy: Overlooked Keys to Maximum Sales Success.”    

My sincere hope is you’ll be pleasantly surprised, educated, and empowered with each post and podcast.The desired natural side effect is you feel compelled to join us.Here’s to a bright future of connection, empowerment, and sales success for women, yourself, and all ambitious!