Now That it’s Almost Here (& Sold Out), Why Make the UWS Summit a Priority?

Hi UWS achievers!  It was announced this morning that the UWS Summit is sold out- very exciting news and thank you to all who registered!  

I’ve been told that once registered for a conference, it’s easy to let other things get in the way.  OK, yes, I admit…that’s personal experience talking. 😊  Here are a few reasons I’d strongly encourage all of us to make this a priority though, & get out of it exponentially more that we may put in (it’s setup for that to be the result if we so choose):

  • The workshop content is excellent & unique. For example, there’s a major focus on human psychology, which I believe is the one of the most important yet least understood or leveraged keys to healthy sales.

  • Being that UWS is a Utah-based organization, it’s hard to find a better networking conference for anyone Utah-based. I was going to say, “especially for women,” but I can tell you from first & second-hand experience, UWS has been an excellent networking channel for other men & me, so that wouldn’t be close to accurate.

  • The keynote speakers and panel members have very valuable information to share. In case anyone’s wishing they were Hollywood stars, the fact they’re not is fantastic because they’re much more relevant to us- they’re relatable sales & business stars.

Let’s all choose to make attendance & participation a priority and looking forward to seeing you there!

Todd Lamoreaux